Who needs a child when you got the most immature OLDER brother?

He is gone all fucking day, didn’t even tell me where he was, and waltzes in the house like nothing. He didn’t tell my mom where he was, so I did. She was obviously mad. And when he DID get in the house I told him I told mom. LOL get this. He said “I’m a big boy”.

This nigga is fucking 18. He JUST got his license like a month ago. He JUST got his car 2 weeks ago. He got his job fucking HANDED to him. He did not earn any of his shit, but because he has it, he thinks that he can take credit for it. He can’t do anything by himself. I mean, all he does all day is sit on that damn couch and play video games all day long.

I clean up after him, I make food for him.

He wants to pull that “I’m your older brother” card and the “Respect your elders” saying on me? Fine. Just fucking act like an older brother and a respectable elder first.


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