What the fuck is she mad about this time? I DON’T FUCKING KNOW. She seems to be getting mad over fucking nothing.

Can boyfriend come over? No. It’s too soon to see his face after he gave me the bruise which he didn’t even give me by abuse. It’s a fucking hickey. You need to calm your shit down. YOU. ARE. GETTING. MAD. OVER. NOTHING. I don’t even understand your ass anymore!

You made me go through this whoolllleee week making me think that I was going to go to the DMV Saturday for my permit finally since we missed last Saturday. Then here, Saturday comes and the next thing I know is you’re pissed over SOMETHING again. You promised me that we would go today. Don’t talk to me the whole way, fine. Don’t look at me the whole damn DAY, I’m okay with that. You know how long I’ve been waiting for this and you know that you’re pretty much the only person that can take me since I live with your ass. ON TOP OF THAT, don’t sit there and just roll your pretty little fucking eyes at me every time I try to get an answer out of you. Does that help anything? If I gave you that attitude you’d go off on me. Just because you’re the mother doesn’t mean that you don’t have to apply the same rules to yourself as you do to us. You still have to give me an answer. It’s not like I’m whining to you about it. If you want to say, “it’s because you’re a bitch and I don’t feel like taking your butt around when I can’t even look at you right now” THEN OKAY. I’m sitting here wondering why you’re mad and if I even care. Because you get mad at stupid shit now.


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