Pain Is Only Temporary.

I really like this video. Maybe because it sounds like it’s a guy yelling at me. I think my motivation for any type of exercise is not wanting to disappoint. When I first started mountain biking for real, I went with my uncle who is an avid mountain biker. I didn’t want to disappoint him by telling him I was tired because he was telling me what a great job I was doing and all that. So I pushed on. If I wasn’t with him, I would’ve walked every single hill there was. It felt amazing afterwards, because as you know, “No pain, no gain”.

And it makes total sense. I’ve been complaining about going running for about a month. Basketball is coming up and I have to get in shape for it so I’m not the underdog of the people trying out and I get a better chance at making it, but every time I try to run around my neighborhood I get these “side stitches” that hurt like HELL. So I go “I’m gonna stop running because it hurts to much”. But guess what? Pain is only temporary. I know it should’ve came across my mind a long time ago, but as long as it’s hit. So if pain is only temporary, the more I run, the less it’ll hurt.



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