I wish I knew my grandfather.

We were out having dinner – my two uncles, my mom, her boyfriend, and one of my aunts – and they were telling stories about grandpa. Damn. I wish I knew my grandfather. He seems cool as fuck lol he sounded like a really good father, too. I mean, of course he’s a good father; he raised my uncles and my mom. He sounds funny and crazy, but strict and caring. They went from stories where grandpa told them to pick out their own sticks to get hit with to stories where he put toilet paper around his head and pretended like he knew Kung Fu and just ended up busting his head.

It was an amazing time with family listening to stories. Isn’t that always a good time?

And you know, they were saying that him and my grandmother used to go at it all the time, but at the end of the day, they would just laugh and laugh together. I want something like that. I never saw them do that personally, but I can picture it.

I wish I knew my grandfather.


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