Speaking vs. Writing.

Does anyone else just absolutely suck at talking? I feel like I’m a pretty good at writing. I love to type, and I love to talk. Well, not necessarily talk, but I always have a lot to say. That’s why I write so much. ANY WHO.

So, my writing and the words that come out of my mouth are definitely different. I like to write because I feel like I don’t sound as dumb compared to when I talk. When I talk- and I’m going to be very stereotypical, so I hope I don’t offend anyone- I sound like a rich, white, Cali-girl.

  • I use the word “like” a lot.
  • I use “uhhh” a lot.
  • I stutter.
  • I get distracted a lot, so my words don’t really flow.
  • I have to repeat the same sentence about 5 times to give myself enough time to think about the next sentence I’m going to say.
  • I sound whiny .-.
  • I get shy and forget my words because I feel like I’m being criticized with every word that leaves my mouth.

Why can’t the way the I speak reflect the way that I write? Maybe I just get nervous when I talk. Maybe I’m too hyper to talk and get too excited and then forget my train of though. My mom swears I have ADHD and so does Boyfriend, but that’s another story.

Point is. I love writing, but I hate talking.

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