I’m not into the mainstream shit.

And it makes me pissed as hell when my friends always say “YOU NEED TO GET A TWITTER” “Omg. You need to get an istagram.” “Dude, snap chat is so fun!” “Catch up, get a Kik”

Okay, I’ll admit I have all of those things, but the point is, I’m not into that kind of stuff. You’re not going to see me walking around snapchatting everywhere or tweeting every fucking thing that I’m doing. I don’t take selfies, and I don’t really take a whole lot of pictures in general. While most people have Twitters, I have a WordPress. I don’t care. I want somewhere to share my thoughts, but I’d rather keep my life still as personal as I can. Only the people closest to me know about this. And I have a Tumblr, but that’s honestly just for my erotica/porn. Yeah, I’m not ashamed.

And I like personal connections better. I don’t want to spend more than 1/2 my day on twitter. Let’s go to the park and play tennis or actually meet up. “I have a lot of homework” C’mon. Most of you guys aren’t going to do it anyways.

And now Boyfriend has a snapchat. He’s upgradinnggg. But… I don’t know. He said he spent all day fucking snapchatting and tells me to snapchat him. I’m sorry babe, no. And so, now, if I don’t snapchat you, does that mean we’re not going to talk? Does that mean that I come AFTER your snapchat buddies? And on top of that he’s snapchatting ‘her’ and another one of his exes, which is hard since he has so many, that I’m not fond of anymore.

All this crap… I’m not into.


The new fashion: Mixed Prints.


Or so I’ve been informed that this has been around for a while. I was surely taught by my fashion-forward mom that mixing prints is a no-no, plaids and stripes don’t go together, polka dots go with polka dots, leopard prints go with solid colors, and things of that nature. But noooo. Apparently, this is no longer a fashion faux pas. Go ahead and mix whatever patterns you want! Throw in some color block too. With this, someone can walk out of the house after getting dressed in the the pitch black dark and throwing whatever they could find on in 2 second and still be a fashion icon.

I’m far from being a fashionista, though. Maybe that’s why I don’t understand this style. Maybe something not so… standout-ish and matches a little better would be okay like this:


But something along the lines of just throwing shit together like this?


What kind of pants are those in the first place? Hell if I know.

I’ll stick to my sweats, gym shorts, and baggy t-shirts please. If this is fashionable, I’d rather not. Sorry fashionistas.

Mountain Biking is Such a Pain in the Ass.

And this time it’s literal. I really think I bruised my tailbone. It hurts so much to sit. I have to squirm and reposition myself about 15 times before I’m comfortable. Not even comfortable; more like the pain is bearable. I’m not going to go see a doctor because, honestly, what can they do? How would they even confirm my butt is bruised. Whatever methods they have to figure that out I’d rather not…

It’s nothing major, just a big bruise, a little scrape, and a lot more little bruises, but nothing like a giant slash in my leg. The crazy thing is, once I heal, I would love to go back and mountain bike again.

As my uncle says, “mountain biking is a sickness”.


How can people go so long being best friends with their major crush and not say anything? Yes, I’m all for saving the friendship and not wanting to risk anything, but doesn’t it kill you? I would think the more fun you have with that person, the more agonizing it would become to stay friends. Unless the both of you are super busy and would have no time to see each other, or things are complicated beyond belief, I would want to let my “best friend” know that I’m crazy about him/her.

But you say, “what happens if things don’t work out? We’ll probably lose our friendship”. How are you supposed to know that if you don’t try? Then, he/she will end up getting a significant other and you’ll be left watching them together laughing, being happy, knowing the agonizing fact that you’re not the one making him/her laugh like that.

Then there are the delusional people who think the other person should know there’s an obvious connection, not move on, and wait for “the move”.  If you’re going to do that, then you can’t get mad when the other person says, “you waited too long”. NO ONE IS GOING TO SIT THERE IN LOVE WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT THE OTHER PERSON FEELS AND JUST BE OKAY WITH THAT. THEY ARE EVENTUALLY GOING TO MOVE ON. AND WHEN THEY DO, YOU CAN’T BLAME THEM FOR DOING SO.

I believe in “break”s in relationships

Not break-ups. Breaks.

Seriously. When times get hard I think there’s a time when you just have to stop, take a break, and try to figure out what you actually and truly feel for your significant other without having them in your immediate life and messing with your thoughts, swaying them, making them biased. 

I like to think of it like when a child gets put in time out. Think about your time together. Think about your mistakes. Think about the others person’s reaction(s) to what you’ve done. Think about both of you as a whole. Don’t just think about how upset, disappointed, angry, sad, mad, etc., they make you. Think about what they felt too.

Do you miss them? Can you not just wait to be in their arms again? Just feel like staying up and talking all night? No sex, nothing sexual. Just talking. Not feeling as happy? Feeling happier? Understand why they “over-reacted”? I think you can learn a lot about your feelings during a break.

I believe in breaks because I think it reveals your true feelings for someone. But a break shouldn’t last more than 2 weeks. Otherwise, that’s just a break up because obviously you don’t miss the other person, and if he/she hasn’t contacted you either, evidently they don’t miss you either.

Age and Sex.

Sometimes I forget how old I am. Sometimes I forget the kinds of things that people my age are supposed to be doing. I hear stories from elders saying, “When I was your age…” or “Back in my day kids were doing…”, and I honestly hate hearing those stories. On one hand, it’s good to hear them because it’s always nice to reminisce and hear about a simpler and a, quite frankly, more innocent time, but don’t try to tell me that because former people my age were doing those kinds of things back then that I should be doing the same. Don’t dwell on the past even if you don’t like the present. It’s coming either way, so why not just make things easier and accept it?

First off, okay, I’m 15. I realize that I’m not even legal for sex, but if people can say “age is just a number” when it comes to dating, why can’t people say that when it comes to sex? I’m not going to go off and fuck every single guy I see. I don’t even call it “fucking”. It’s sex. But I guess such a term is what we use now. I’m not just going to go around “giving my goods away”. No. I made the decision to have sex with my boyfriend. I believed that our relationship at that point was stable and loving enough to include such an action and incorporate the kinds of emotions and what not that sex brings. It’s not a superficial or I-need-to-kill-time type of thing.

Maybe I should be going out and playing with bubbles? Well, maybe “back then”, but this is right now. Change is inevitable. And I’m sorry, but times have changed. There’s not courting in today’s society. It’s not obligatory anymore for a man to meet a woman’s parents just so he can go on a date with her. For the most part. The dating world works differently now. It’s not anything that I’m proud of; I don’t go around saying “OH. My generation is the BEST.”, but it’s something that I’ve accepted- at least the process of changing and not necessarily the outcome- and quite honestly something I’ve fallen victim to.

But, just to be clear, I’m not condoning people under the “legal age” to have sex. I’m not saying “IT’S OKAY. DO WHATEVER AND WHOEVER YOU WANT.” It just frustrates me when girls my age or around my age are labeled at “whores” or “sluts” because they made a decision that people and society just can’t accept. Given that many, if not most girls, around 15-17 have sex just because it is sex, that’s not always the case. I think having sex in a relationship and having sex with a lot of people just because you like it are two very different things.