Best Friends.

I have two of them. They’re amazing. I can tell them anything in confidentiality. I can confide in them. They won’t look at me differently no matter what I do. I can talk to them about anything. They are best friends. 

My former best friend. She had the title, but we haven’t spoken in 2 years. It’s awkward when we do see each other, and she sucks at listening. 

Best friends have obligations. 

Titles are important to me. I have no idea why, but they are. Maybe because it sets you apart from just anyone else. You are special. 

To call someone your best friend when you don’t feel comfortable going to them about anything and expecting to receive good advice is weird to me. I know that now. Best friends need to come to you just because they want to talk to you, engage in a normal conversation, and have fun. Not just when something’s wrong. They need to be in that top 5, give or take a couple, of people that you’d call first if you had some exciting news. You need to know that they are always going to be there for you. 

“I love you” gets tossed around a lot now, sure, but so does “best friend”. Some people have like 12 best friends. There are a lot of words that need to be redefined and given back some value. But I’m just saying,

Best friends have obligations. 

Don’t be a “best friend”ing whore. 

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