I really don’t understand the point of “catfishing”

Per Urbandictionary- since a catfish is supposed to be just a fish- a catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they are not online to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.

Sure, there are the ass holes that just like to mess with people’s emotions, and there are the groups of friends that make obvious catfishes just to mess around. I don’t understand the ass holes, but who does? They need help if they think it’s entertaining and amusing. I understand the groups of friends because friends always pick on each other. What I don’t understand, though, are the people who think, “Oh, I don’t like the way I look. I’m just going to pick someone else’s pictures that look NOTHING like me and then go on a dating website or ‘try to find love’. That way they’ll fall in love with the real me. <3″

Okay, yes. They should love your personality, but they have to be attracted to you too. That’s not being shallow either. When you are with a person SOLELY for their looks and when you let looks run the relationship, then you are shallow. That’s one thing.

Then, let’s say that you did find someone that you were attracted to you, or more like the fake you, whichever, and you guys hit it off online and become best friends and blah shit blah. First of all, you’re still a jack ass for playing with the other person’s emotions. They fell in love with someone that isn’t even real. That’s a bitch move. Second of all, you’re hurting yourself. You’re letting yourself fall in love with someone in hopes that they love you SO much they can look past the fact that you’re not who they thought you were. That is a huge risk that you’re taking. There is a one in a million chance that they will still love you after all the lies, the deception, and the mistrust. They’re looking forward to meeting this person they’ve fallen in love with inside and out (from whatever pictures they’ve seen). To finally be able to meet someone, but then finding out that it’s not really them? No.

You’re setting yourself and the other person up for a heart break. I just don’t understand why someone would do that. “So they fall in love with the real me, not just what I look like”. Want them to fall in love with the “real” you? Be the real you.


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