Age and Sex.

Sometimes I forget how old I am. Sometimes I forget the kinds of things that people my age are supposed to be doing. I hear stories from elders saying, “When I was your age…” or “Back in my day kids were doing…”, and I honestly hate hearing those stories. On one hand, it’s good to hear them because it’s always nice to reminisce and hear about a simpler and a, quite frankly, more innocent time, but don’t try to tell me that because former people my age were doing those kinds of things back then that I should be doing the same. Don’t dwell on the past even if you don’t like the present. It’s coming either way, so why not just make things easier and accept it?

First off, okay, I’m 15. I realize that I’m not even legal for sex, but if people can say “age is just a number” when it comes to dating, why can’t people say that when it comes to sex? I’m not going to go off and fuck every single guy I see. I don’t even call it “fucking”. It’s sex. But I guess such a term is what we use now. I’m not just going to go around “giving my goods away”. No. I made the decision to have sex with my boyfriend. I believed that our relationship at that point was stable and loving enough to include such an action and incorporate the kinds of emotions and what not that sex brings. It’s not a superficial or I-need-to-kill-time type of thing.

Maybe I should be going out and playing with bubbles? Well, maybe “back then”, but this is right now. Change is inevitable. And I’m sorry, but times have changed. There’s not courting in today’s society. It’s not obligatory anymore for a man to meet a woman’s parents just so he can go on a date with her. For the most part. The dating world works differently now. It’s not anything that I’m proud of; I don’t go around saying “OH. My generation is the BEST.”, but it’s something that I’ve accepted- at least the process of changing and not necessarily the outcome- and quite honestly something I’ve fallen victim to.

But, just to be clear, I’m not condoning people under the “legal age” to have sex. I’m not saying “IT’S OKAY. DO WHATEVER AND WHOEVER YOU WANT.” It just frustrates me when girls my age or around my age are labeled at “whores” or “sluts” because they made a decision that people and society just can’t accept. Given that many, if not most girls, around 15-17 have sex just because it is sex, that’s not always the case. I think having sex in a relationship and having sex with a lot of people just because you like it are two very different things.



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