I believe in “break”s in relationships

Not break-ups. Breaks.

Seriously. When times get hard I think there’s a time when you just have to stop, take a break, and try to figure out what you actually and truly feel for your significant other without having them in your immediate life and messing with your thoughts, swaying them, making them biased. 

I like to think of it like when a child gets put in time out. Think about your time together. Think about your mistakes. Think about the others person’s reaction(s) to what you’ve done. Think about both of you as a whole. Don’t just think about how upset, disappointed, angry, sad, mad, etc., they make you. Think about what they felt too.

Do you miss them? Can you not just wait to be in their arms again? Just feel like staying up and talking all night? No sex, nothing sexual. Just talking. Not feeling as happy? Feeling happier? Understand why they “over-reacted”? I think you can learn a lot about your feelings during a break.

I believe in breaks because I think it reveals your true feelings for someone. But a break shouldn’t last more than 2 weeks. Otherwise, that’s just a break up because obviously you don’t miss the other person, and if he/she hasn’t contacted you either, evidently they don’t miss you either.

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