How can people go so long being best friends with their major crush and not say anything? Yes, I’m all for saving the friendship and not wanting to risk anything, but doesn’t it kill you? I would think the more fun you have with that person, the more agonizing it would become to stay friends. Unless the both of you are super busy and would have no time to see each other, or things are complicated beyond belief, I would want to let my “best friend” know that I’m crazy about him/her.

But you say, “what happens if things don’t work out? We’ll probably lose our friendship”. How are you supposed to know that if you don’t try? Then, he/she will end up getting a significant other and you’ll be left watching them together laughing, being happy, knowing the agonizing fact that you’re not the one making him/her laugh like that.

Then there are the delusional people who think the other person should know there’s an obvious connection, not move on, and wait for “the move”.  If you’re going to do that, then you can’t get mad when the other person says, “you waited too long”. NO ONE IS GOING TO SIT THERE IN LOVE WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT THE OTHER PERSON FEELS AND JUST BE OKAY WITH THAT. THEY ARE EVENTUALLY GOING TO MOVE ON. AND WHEN THEY DO, YOU CAN’T BLAME THEM FOR DOING SO.

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