The new fashion: Mixed Prints.


Or so I’ve been informed that this has been around for a while. I was surely taught by my fashion-forward mom that mixing prints is a no-no, plaids and stripes don’t go together, polka dots go with polka dots, leopard prints go with solid colors, and things of that nature. But noooo. Apparently, this is no longer a fashion faux pas. Go ahead and mix whatever patterns you want! Throw in some color block too. With this, someone can walk out of the house after getting dressed in the the pitch black dark and throwing whatever they could find on in 2 second and still be a fashion icon.

I’m far from being a fashionista, though. Maybe that’s why I don’t understand this style. Maybe something not so… standout-ish and matches a little better would be okay like this:


But something along the lines of just throwing shit together like this?


What kind of pants are those in the first place? Hell if I know.

I’ll stick to my sweats, gym shorts, and baggy t-shirts please. If this is fashionable, I’d rather not. Sorry fashionistas.

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