I’m not into the mainstream shit.

And it makes me pissed as hell when my friends always say “YOU NEED TO GET A TWITTER” “Omg. You need to get an istagram.” “Dude, snap chat is so fun!” “Catch up, get a Kik”

Okay, I’ll admit I have all of those things, but the point is, I’m not into that kind of stuff. You’re not going to see me walking around snapchatting everywhere or tweeting every fucking thing that I’m doing. I don’t take selfies, and I don’t really take a whole lot of pictures in general. While most people have Twitters, I have a WordPress. I don’t care. I want somewhere to share my thoughts, but I’d rather keep my life still as personal as I can. Only the people closest to me know about this. And I have a Tumblr, but that’s honestly just for my erotica/porn. Yeah, I’m not ashamed.

And I like personal connections better. I don’t want to spend more than 1/2 my day on twitter. Let’s go to the park and play tennis or actually meet up. “I have a lot of homework” C’mon. Most of you guys aren’t going to do it anyways.

And now Boyfriend has a snapchat. He’s upgradinnggg. But… I don’t know. He said he spent all day fucking snapchatting and tells me to snapchat him. I’m sorry babe, no. And so, now, if I don’t snapchat you, does that mean we’re not going to talk? Does that mean that I come AFTER your snapchat buddies? And on top of that he’s snapchatting ‘her’ and another one of his exes, which is hard since he has so many, that I’m not fond of anymore.

All this crap… I’m not into.


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