I found a new tennis “coach” (:

She’s cool. She’s really good. Way better than me. She has an amazing serve, and what I like most is that she’s also studying exercise science, which I find really interesting. She’s also 30 something, but that doesn’t matter because she’s amazing at tennis.

So, since she’s studying exercise science, I agreed to be her guinea pig to whatever exercise she wants. I love to move, to exercise, to sweat. She agreed to condition me every Saturday morning, early in the morning specifically for tennis, and from what my brother tells me, she works people hard. Good (: I can’t wait for next Saturday morning now.

And then she taught me a little about serving. Now, I don’t listen to many people because I’m stubborn and hard headed, but everything she said made a lot of sense to me and I got better in a matter of 5 minutes. Amazing right? So, if I can do tat in just 5 minutes, once a week should do me some good. 

I can’t wait (: especially for the exercising part. 

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