Do old people just give up on love?

I was watching the best show ever, Grey’s Anatomy, and there was this old couple and the wife was a complete bitch to her husband and he just put up with it. The wife ended up having to have surgery, her heart caught on fire in the midst of everything, but she turned out okay. When her husband was informed her heart caught on fire, he laughed and said, not verbatim, “that bitch just won’t die”.

Now a lot of those details might have been unnecessary, but I’m just in shock because I thought he would’ve cried. Something like “the love of my life almost died. I’m so sad” kind of cry. But no. He laughed and left her ass. Good for him, but he had to have put up with her for a while. Why didn’t he leave before?

I want to say there’s a certain age where people just accept old age and deal with their spouse, bitching, nagging, slovenliness, and all, for bad and for worser. I feel like some people just give up because “what’s the point”. 50-something year olds getting divorced and going back into the dating field? “What’s the point?” Facing the possibility of dying alone rather than dying at least with someone by your side? “What’s the point?”

Sometimes you just need someone there I guess. Even if you can’t stand the person… They made an effort to be by your side, and that’s better than nothing, right?

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