Ech. Diets.

I like food. Period.

But I’m also not happy with the way I look. Still. Some people hate me because I guess I’m one of those people who get hit on a lot, get complimented a lot, and have a good amount of friends/acquaintances. But that doesn’t really matter to me… So I get complimented on my body. Let’s keep it that way, mmkay? And I don’t have a crazy high metabolism, so that’s going to take work. Why don’t we just tone everything up and slim a lot of things down? Wouldn’t that make me even “hot”ter?

I’ve done this before. This trying to lose weight thing. So I know I can again. I just need that motivation again… Whatever it was. I’ll find it and damn it, I’m going to be able to look in the mirror one day and say “you look good”.

But still. Ech. Diets.


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