The Obvious Complaint in Georgia Right Now.

The weather. And I’m positive this is not the only state that has it bad, but I think this is the worst we’ve seen in a while. According to the governor and weather people at least. They were making it sound like the end of the world, though, which made me scared, and then I made my mom and my family scared, and last night everyone was just scared. I feel like we prepared for an apocalypse rather than some ice, snow, and wind. Everyone was out clearing the shelves of every store they could hit before the roads froze over. It was a mad house. But I really wanted some cookies and bananas (: And as much as Georgia gets criticized for freaking out about “half an inch of snow”, truth be told, none of us Atliens could survive in New York or Illinois or somewhere else where they see weather like this all the time.

The good thing about all this is my mom had no problems with getting foods that we usually aren’t allowed to splurge on, like brownie bites and cookies and all the fattening yumminess, because she thought we were going to be housebound for two weeks or so. So we’re kind of hibernating. And it feels good.

But what I hate is that we don’t have school. I guess I’m not a normal child because any teenage who doesn’t have to go to school, especially if you have to wake up at 5:30 in the morning, then they’re ecstatic, full of joy. Me, on the other hand, I feel lonely. And I sit on my couch for 5 hours straight, because I obviously can’t go outside, and have nothing to do after I finish my hour long workout, clean everything that can be cleaned, and finish any makeup work I have to do. I just sit on the couch and watch mindless reality tv show. Some of them are honestly entertaining to me. That’s how bad this situation has gotten; reality tv is entertaining.

Nonetheless, I hope all the crazy people out there preparing for doomsday are safe and warm and don’t go out there and try to drive. I hope no one gets crushed by a tree or slips and cracks open their heads.


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