I absolutely LOVE to bake. It’s calming, fun, and definitely results in some yummy treats. (: What’s bad is that I’m an out-of-the-box baker. I’m 100% guilty of that. Baking treats that come in a box, pre-mixed and perfectly sweetened, is easy and trustworthy most of the time. But, homemade stuff is so easy to mess up, and quite frankly I don’t have that many resources to just use up. Plus, I’m a perfectionist when it comes to baking, so if I mess up once, the whole recipe is garbage to me.

But I really wanted to recommend trying these two recipes because they were just absolutely delicious!

These are oreo cupcakes                                                                      

Oreo cupcakes I was skeptical at first because the frosting starts on the stove top. And the recipe has bread flour, which I’ve never worked with before. But let me tell you, this is the best oreo cupcake that I’ve made. I used to make the boxed chocolate cake with a cream cheese frosting with crushed oreos, but now, I can’t think of making oreo cupcakes any other way than from CenterCutCooks.

And now here’s another oreo baked good: Oreo brownies         Brownies || Super fudgy and oh so amazing!           I made these today and they’re so thick and amazing. Can’t really taste much oreo, but they’re still an amazing brownie recipe. And it wasn’t hard to make at all.

I’m gonna start making things from scratch more often (: They’re so delicious.


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