You Gotta Love Family…

Even if you don’t want to. They just do things and say things and it makes you want to scream and fight your entire family and maybe curse them out; but you don’t. And you let your anger subside and then you like them for 5 minutes and then they’re saying something ridiculous again.

That’s just the way family works though. And you have to love it. Because you know that you say things not everyone agrees with, but they still love you.

If you guys didn’t know, my parents are divorced and I’m mixed. I’m half Cuban and half Lao (like in LOU-d; that’s from Laos in Asia. Right next to Thailand. Know where I’m talking about now? Yeaahhh). And then my Cuban dad has two sisters and they both married non-Cubans. One reproduced with a white guy and the other with a black guy. And then, we have my Lao mom who has two brothers. One has no kids and one also produced hispanic-asian babies by marrying a Colombian. So, my family pretty much covered the whole rainbow.

My Cuban family is mean as hell! Okay, they’re not mean, they just do what I guess normal families do, which is pick on one another, but I don’t like it. I’m a sensitive little thing. They really do not understand that the things they say may hurt someone’s feelings. But they’re all like that, so they’re used to it. I guess I’m the only one who has a problem with it. And I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if people outside the family felt the same way or have ever been told something that hurt their feelings. So, they don’t really mean to be mean, but they are. But in all honesty, if it’s not about me then I’m right there with them chuckling. Not laughing because I still feel bad.

The Asians? They have a nicer kind of humor. But we still do things like laugh at my uncle’s strong accent or we’ll also laugh at the quirks that hide within people.

But I guess that’s why you gotta love family. Not many understand your inside jokes. Not many understand the traditions. Not many understand even why you may be yelling at someone not even 3 feet away or why Abuelo farting is so amusing and funny. Not many understand that they might not mean to hurt your feelings and to not take it personally. Even if you do forget all of that sometimes, too. Family all get on each other’s nerves, but you know, “whatever”.

Lao-sy Cuban 4 eva. ❤


So Babe always gets mad at me for having pretty much 100% guys friends. I have the ability to get along with girls; it’s not like I’m catty or a complete bitch, but I’m just not really interested in having girl friends in high school.

You guys know that I talk about relationships and guys kind of a lot right? But that’s why I have a blog. I don’t really feel like “talking it out” with someone alll the time. Isn’t that kid of the point of girl friends though? I don’t know. Sure it is. But if that’s the case then don’t expect me to have more than one or two.

Most of the time I like to believe that I’m a little more mature than a lot of the people my age. So all their fads and their new lingo and dances? Leave me out. Please. I’m 98% of the time just as clueless as the next person over 30.

Anyways, so I’d rather make girl friends in college and above. When all they’re worried about is not guys. Because if I tried to have a casual conversation with the girls now without bringing up guys then it would seen really boring and awkward.

Who Knew I’d Ever Like Reading…

I know that sounds horrible. Who doesn’t like a good book? Lazy, immature, and illiterate people are the only groups that come to my mind. And thankfully, I’m only 2/3. I think we know which one I’m not. (:

But reading blog posts and medical magazines and cook books, are nothing like reading a normal black-and-white, no-pictures-added, real book. I know I sound really childish now, but I promise you, I’ve tried reading and sure, it might be an amazing book worthy of about all the medals a book can receive, and it might also be “New York Time’s Best Selling Book”, but I cannot stand how slow they start off. When you’re reading a blog post, people tend to get right to it. But a book? Nope.

So, it has to be something that I really cannot wait to read. I like scary novels, thrillers, anything about the medical profession, um… suspense books… and I think that’s about it. So, I haven’t really found something that interests me.

But I have to do book reports if I want to just PASSmy AP Language Arts class. Now that sucks ass. And I hate “Spark Noting” things because I do like back stories, but I just can’t find one to keep my interest… if that makes any sense.

So, I found a book about a homicide, In Cold Blood, and it’s actually pretty good. It’s slow, but I’m really interested in homicidal stories (don’t judge me), so I know the book will eventually get going. And then, I got an app called Good Reads, and it led me to a medicaly-ish book, The Fault in Our Stars, and for once, I’m excited about finishing a book. And when I went to Barnes and Nobel to get the book, I felt like it was the first time I had ever been into a book store, and it was amazing. For once, a book store made me excited instead of tired and upset. It was nice. It really was.

So yeah. Now people who have known me for a while look at me with a book and say, “What. Whose book is that? Who are you holding it for?” But oh well.

Oh. And I think I’m more open to reading, so recommendations would be amazing (: