So Babe always gets mad at me for having pretty much 100% guys friends. I have the ability to get along with girls; it’s not like I’m catty or a complete bitch, but I’m just not really interested in having girl friends in high school.

You guys know that I talk about relationships and guys kind of a lot right? But that’s why I have a blog. I don’t really feel like “talking it out” with someone alll the time. Isn’t that kid of the point of girl friends though? I don’t know. Sure it is. But if that’s the case then don’t expect me to have more than one or two.

Most of the time I like to believe that I’m a little more mature than a lot of the people my age. So all their fads and their new lingo and dances? Leave me out. Please. I’m 98% of the time just as clueless as the next person over 30.

Anyways, so I’d rather make girl friends in college and above. When all they’re worried about is not guys. Because if I tried to have a casual conversation with the girls now without bringing up guys then it would seen really boring and awkward.


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