Crayon Art.

That shit is so cool. If you can do it right.


I want to make that one for le step mom just because I know she likes beaches and what not. There another one I want to try to make for Babe, but I’m not really sure what to do because day one: I thought it was the best idea every. Day two: Okay, maybe I don’t like the colors. Day three: I don’t like the fact that you can see the crayons. Day four: It’s the worst idea ever. See, every time I look back at it the idea seems to get worse and worse, but deep down it’s still something I want to do. How exactly to do it? What canvas to use? What colors to use? What method to use? Do I know anything? Nope. No fucking clue. I’ll hopefully figure it out eventually.

But still. Crayon art is really cool if you can do it correctly.


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