If you like creepy/scary stories then you should go to reddit.com/r/nosleep ooorrr resdit.com/r/shortscarystories

Seriously. Do it.

This is honestly the most I’ve read in a while. I know, I’m pitiful, but the people on there actually tell some really great stories. And I absolutely love a good short scary story. A goose-bump-giving, spine-chilling creepy/scary/weird story at that.


Who Knew I’d Ever Like Reading…

I know that sounds horrible. Who doesn’t like a good book? Lazy, immature, and illiterate people are the only groups that come to my mind. And thankfully, I’m only 2/3. I think we know which one I’m not. (:

But reading blog posts and medical magazines and cook books, are nothing like reading a normal black-and-white, no-pictures-added, real book. I know I sound really childish now, but I promise you, I’ve tried reading and sure, it might be an amazing book worthy of about all the medals a book can receive, and it might also be “New York Time’s Best Selling Book”, but I cannot stand how slow they start off. When you’re reading a blog post, people tend to get right to it. But a book? Nope.

So, it has to be something that I really cannot wait to read. I like scary novels, thrillers, anything about the medical profession, um… suspense books… and I think that’s about it. So, I haven’t really found something that interests me.

But I have to do book reports if I want to just PASSmy AP Language Arts class. Now that sucks ass. And I hate “Spark Noting” things because I do like back stories, but I just can’t find one to keep my interest… if that makes any sense.

So, I found a book about a homicide, In Cold Blood, and it’s actually pretty good. It’s slow, but I’m really interested in homicidal stories (don’t judge me), so I know the book will eventually get going. And then, I got an app called Good Reads, and it led me to a medicaly-ish book, The Fault in Our Stars, and for once, I’m excited about finishing a book. And when I went to Barnes and Nobel to get the book, I felt like it was the first time I had ever been into a book store, and it was amazing. For once, a book store made me excited instead of tired and upset. It was nice. It really was.

So yeah. Now people who have known me for a while look at me with a book and say, “What. Whose book is that? Who are you holding it for?” But oh well.

Oh. And I think I’m more open to reading, so recommendations would be amazing (: