You only miss me when you’re lonely.

This Kid.

He wants to ask me a million question on something that he’s going to say “Whatever. I don’t care” to at the end. 

Then why the fuck did you keep asking?

You just piss me off every single fucking time that you say “Oh. Well. I don’t care anyways”. EVERY TIME. How the hell am I supposed to know when you actually do care then? Just… fuck yo “I don’t care” shit. 

How Do You Cheer Someone Up?

I have a lot of friends that like to come to me for advice and trust me. So, inevitably, they come to me to cheer them up when things are bad.


What the fuck am I supposed to say? I don’t tell jokes, and I’m not one of those people that keeps around memes and funny pictures in their phone. So? What do you want me to do? Don’t think that I don’t WANT to cheer you up, but I don’t know how. I hate that feeling of not being able to do anything ):